Tuesday, 12 February 2013

46 Plays in 46 Days

I have a mad idea. Having neglected a lot of my reading over the past six months because of distractions ranging from 'I'm actually directing a play', 'I'm doing an internship' and 'I have family stuff going on', I've decided to take the bull by the horns (as it were) and do Extreme Play Reading in a bid to catch up. And who knows? Maybe get inspired. 

Using the handily timely Lent period as a framework, I've decided to read 46 plays in 46 days. Now ideally this would be a play a day, but as I'm directing An Act of Twisting at the moment, and will start a contract up in Carlisle before Easter arrives, I do predict a few weekends of non-stop catch-up reading. But the goal is there: one play a day. I already have a stack sorted - accumulated variously from hand-me-downs, recommendations, being a subscriber for a year to the Royal Court and being trigger happy at script-sales. They range from Shakespeare to Chekhov to Ella Hickson, and vary in length. 

As much as possible I'll try to update this blog with my progress, and possibly my thoughts about the plays. If there are enough hours in the day ;-)

Anyone else feel like joining me?