Thursday, 12 August 2010

Life after drama school

They try to prepare you. Everyone says going into theatre - especially as an actor - is pretty much the most precarious career you can choose. Well, the truth is that it's no easier for directors - and we don't have the luxury of a boost from a possible agent.

But, fair's fair, we can at least generate our own work more easily.

Or can we?

The average cost of putting on a fringe theatre production is between £25k and £75k. Where does this money come from? Investors (but you'd be mad to invest in theatre - it's a true gamble), sponsors, fundraising events, private financing, grants and loans. With the proposed arts cuts looking to hit hard, it is expected that around 30% of companies will lose funding, and the small pot of money that currently exists will be even smaller, and have to go even further.

So, what does all this mean for a recent directing graduate? Well, thankfully I have a great support network, but relying on your parents and meager savings will only get you so far - and in the end self-esteem is based on personal achievement, not hand-me-downs. For now, I'm hoping optimism and sheer bloody-mindedness will get me where I want to be - being paid for my skills as a director or assistant director.

And if anyone knows of any bar jobs going in Bristol, let me know!

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