Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Another year, another post...

One year on, and it's fascinating to look back through my previous posts. The good news is I am still Directing, and it's been a VERY busy year. This doesn't equate to a healthy bank balance, but one step at a time. In no particular order (although a vague attempt at being chronological), here's what I've been up to:

1. The Importance of Being Earnest - very well-received and we considered touring it but lack the logistical and financial support so that idea was binned. Great reviews, including my first 5-star critique, from WhatsOnStage.

2. Joined the Rondo Theatre as its first resident Directing Intern. This is a part-paid position that involves learning all the aspects of running a receiving fringe theatre - from contracts to programming to bar-work. I still have three months left (my term is up in December), and I think I can safely say that being there, meeting the visiting companies, and being able to talk in-depth one-to-one with my employer and mentor Ian McGlynn (the Artistic Director) has had a big influence in not only what I want to direct, but how I want to present myself in the industry and the power of new writing.

3. I have so far, in 2012, directed three productions, with a fourth on the way. First us was a new writing event called 'Alliance', which was a huge challenge as I was effectively producing as well as directing, as my first big task at the Rondo. It was a pretty stressful rehearsal period, and the importance of casting was very acutely demonstrated - good and bad. (oh for a decent budget!). Then there was 'Fertility Objects' by Alison Farina - a great little show about infertility. A lovely company and a successful production. Finally, most recently, was the biggie: my first ever attempt at the Edinburgh Fringe. More on that later....

4. I am currently working in Bolton, at the Octagon, back in the role of Assistant Director. It's really interesting to go back to, largely, observing in a rehearsal room. It's great to watch everyone working, although I do worry that I'm not doing enough (but then, I'm used to running everything!). 

I'm in Bolton for another three weeks, then back to the South West for a brief break before leaping into 'Product Displacement' at the Rondo. 

More soon :-) 

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